They can also be staked in the Zipper directory, and then used to curate content and make the best apps stand out. GoNetwork ICO will fund the development of the GoNetwork exchange, which enables the creation, distribution and trading of virtual goods on a massive scale. The project developers come from a long background of mobile app development having built several successful apps in the past.

gonetwork ico review

Taken together, the issues outlined above reveal a team that is more concerned with winning and getting rich than building a sustainable business. Dismissing investors and stopping work on a product after winning a competition are not things I want to see in a project. There is a problem with the company registration and the team was evasive in answering questions. Further searching confirmed that GoNetwork was not registered as a company as claimed by founders, but there was another company registered in their name. What started as a multi-billion dollar platform on internet, is now becoming a reality for the mobile ecosystem and commerce at large.

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סקירת Ico של Gonetwork

The first product that GoNetwork is bringing to the market as part of its masterplan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses is GoExchange. The team describes GoExchange as “a scalable decentralized virtual goods commerce platform for mobile platforms”. It sounds like a standard e-commerce mobile platform that Cryptocurrency wallet uses cryptocurrencies. GoNetwork has a vision; mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The team behind GoNetwork sees mobile accessibility and interoperability as the keys to achieving this. They want to create a highly scalable, low cost, and low latency first mobile network infrastructure for Ethereum.

However, nothing really new differentiating them from the others + no clear plan to create the P2P mobile networking yet. Having a strong community is one of the fundamental building blocks of any strong blockchain project.

The mission at hand is undeniably one of enormous magnitude. The scaling of the Ethereum platform is recognized as one of the biggest challenges that the blockchain community will witness in the months to come. We feel that the 25% reserved for the GoNetwork ICO team is on the high side, especially for a utility token. In which case the token holder probably won’t mind the founders getting wealthy too. This idea can then be further developed to create a network of individual state channels so that everyone is eventually connected to each other via a series of one more multiple indirect connections. And the winners of this hackathon were in fact the team behind the subject of this review, GoNetwork.

There are periodic doubts about the competence of developers specifically in the field of blockchain in some GoNetwork ICO reviews and comments. All right, but, for a minute, these guys won the Ethereum Hackathon! In addition, the invited blockchain specialist holds the CTO post, he “moved” from this position Infinidy’s technical director Huna Chea. It is not excluded that the sale of tokens will be launched when the project gets a sufficient number of potential investors in the white list, and the success of the ICO will be guaranteed. Now there are already many potential investors willing to buy GoNetwork ICO. They are invited to leave their application on the project site. After consideration and approval (and they still can reject the application for some reason!), the participant gets into the white list, and gets access to the ICO. Yup, it’s no easy to get new and interesting tokens, but those who want to invest can also turn their attention to top altcoins of this year.

The Team Behind Gonetwork

So far, the team has not demonstrated a concrete working prototype (they plan the launch of the beta version of the platform for the mid-2018). However, Infinidy Company, which is responsible for the project, has two products-the predecessors of GoNetwork – GoExchange and Pocket. The first allows you to make legal trading transactions between users inside mobile games and Infinidy applications, the second is something like a debit card application. It offers blockchain based services such as wallets, storage and messaging while allowing users to retain their privacy. Zipper held a private token sale earlier this year and are now running a loyalty program to incentivize community participation. The platform’s native tokens, ZIPs, can be spent in various ways such as in-app purchases, peer-to-peer lending or selling them for other cryptocurrencies.

The core team of GoNetwork is profiled through their website and they begin by stating that they are the winners of the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon known as ETHWaterloo. Collectively they have over 30 years of experience is blockchain, software, mobile apps, and game development. It also is planning on starting a digital goods exchange for Infinidy mobile games, which was founded by the CEO of GoNetwork.

gonetwork ico review

The platform uses the coins to achieve profits, while the user receives a monthly interest in return. GoNetwork has been very consistent with their Social Media activity and have attracted a huge amount of interest in 2018 leading up to their ICO.


CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. Our prime objective is to build a mobile first network for Ethereum ERC20 tokens thatтАЩs off chain.

  • In ablog postannouncing its ‘master plan’ for the project, GoNetwork links out to its ‘updated whitepaper’ for further details.
  • When these screenshots were posted on the Telegram channel, the admin promptly deleted them.
  • This information is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely.

That said, there is a significant amount of hype behind GoNetwork and there is a belief that once the public sale commences, it will sell out fairly quickly depending on the cap. The GoNetwork token sale has not yet been announced to the public, though the whitelist is available to join through their website.

Ian Lee is a freelance journalist specializing in the areas of business, finance, Crypto Exchange and economics. He also has over five years of experience in investment banking.

gonetwork ico review

Cant find out their noobish video which they submitted to Kick platform. Anyone who wish to investigate further can request Kickico team for their initial proposal and video i talk about. The concept, though new, but quite realizable, solves one of the most pressing problems of the Cryptocurrency Exchange cryptoindustry. The development team consists of experienced professionals with a number of successfully implemented projects. All the resources of Infinidy are at the disposal of specialists. And ICO will succeed thanks to the already growing excitement in the cryptocommunity.

I know you have a lot of people in your Telegram group but you should probably learn to be humble and act with some reasoning instead of kicking people just for fun. This is a known excuse that is litteraly common in showbiz, not in cryptospace, when people are exposed for non-ethical matter, like sexting, extortion and so on. Everyone getting exposed, claims his cell phone is compromised. Gonetwork have banned me today from their telegram channel for asking legitimate questions. Sign-up there is via mobile phone number + SMS code, sign-in on new device via code to other authorized Telegram device. @icochecker I see the gonetwork-admin is trying hard to convince that they are very legit. We don’t ask for money in telegram, especially people we don’t know.