From time to time, the villains in the film will stare directly into the camera, and occasionally address the audience directly with snide comments about where story of the film is going. The film is about a family–the protagonist played by Naomi Watts and her husband played by Tim Roth, and their child–that goes on a weekend get-away to their lake house.

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Things go awry when two Racing Games strangers, apparently dressed as golf caddies, arrive and ask to borrow some eggs for the folks next door. But the strangers are not who they seem and soon the family is held captive as hostages for the intruders to psychologically toy with and harm. The 2007 film Funny Games, directed by Michael Haneke, might just be the cure to the modern horror movie we didn’t know we needed. It features extremely inventive storytelling techniques, not just for a horror film, but for any film. Sit in a circle and give everyone a notepad and a pen.

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Flip over a challenge card to determine the pattern you must attempt, then race to recreate it by bouncing balls into the grid. Two ways to play mean everyone can bounce together or play by relay; or combine the six trays for one big board and classic Bounce-Off play. Using straw players will need to suck the paper sheets and transfer them from one pile to another. is a perfect family game night game that will have everybody play all night long.

  • ThroughoutFunny Games,Georg remains curiously subdued.
  • By stringing us along in this way, Haneke reveals the unnerving lie that governs the spectacle.
  • Anna, though no match physically for the two men, is far more resistant.
  • But we also sense that he perhaps thinks he may eventually be able to reason with these lunatics, or at least buy his family some time.

Players then select a deck of cards from a certain category, like movies, celebrities or brand names. At the start of every round, one person holds a phone to their forehead that displays the answer, showing the audience the answer, but leaving the phone-holder in the dark. Zoom allows users to hide their own reflected video display. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see the answer written right above your forehead. is a fast-paced game of charades in which each player has to guess a person, place or thing with help from the audience. The ultimate head-to-head competition game for young adults and families remains the same!

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Have everyone write down a funny phrase or notable person on the second sheet of their notepad, close it, and pass over to the person on their right. Now everyone picks up the new pad, reads the phrase on page two, and draws it as best they can on page three. Pass the notepads again, only this time, you can only look at the illustration and try to guess the phrase on the next page. Keep passing and drawing or guessing until you have your original pad in front of you. Flip through the pages in front of the group for mega laughs as your phrase gets distorted, telephone-style, through the drawings and guesses.

For something a bit more old-fashioned, this popular dice game is a reliable classic. Each game includes three specially-marked dice and 24 chips, with players rolling the dice to determine where to pass their chips. It’s fast-paced, easy to pick up, and a definite crowd-pleaser. You’ll want to keep the kids away from this one—it’s strictly adults-only, and gets hilariously inappropriate fast. Each player is dealt a set of caption cards, and then a photo card is placed down. Each player chooses a caption to correspond to the photo, with a judge choosing the funniest “meme” created.