If we ask you to complete the review anyway, be sure to declare the competing interest when you submit your review. If the authors subsequently choose to transfer their manuscript to another PLOS journal your review will accompany it. You may hear from editors at another PLOS journal for re-review. Reviewers for any PLOS journal should be willing to have their reviews considered by the editors of another PLOS journal. You can choose to sign your name to your review when you submit it. Remember, if you sign your name the authors and other reviewers of the manuscript will see it.

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Do not accept a review assignment if you have a competing interest, or don’t feel able to give an objective assessment. If you’re unsure whether your relationship qualifies as a competing interest, contact the journal office for advice.

If the authors choose to publish their peer review history your name will accompany your comments alongside the published article. PLOS ONE practices single-blind peer review by default, but offers opportunities for authors and reviewers to participate in signed and published peer review. PLOS ONE editors select potential reviewers based on their expertise in research areas relevant to the manuscript under consideration.

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With sports products, it is essential consumers can see the product in action. This video accomplishes that, as well as provides a short storyline, giving the video more depth. With some products, it is essential to show the item in action. This video is simple, but it gets the point across, especially to prospective buyers. Never underestimate the power of transparency and and relatability. This video nails both, with the WinRAR founder giving a personal story behind why he started the company, and speaking directly to people to like him, or parents of kids like he used to be. This video pulls heavily on the nostalgic heartstrings – and reminds how technology is truly changing the world for the better.

We hope that you’ll make yourself available for re-review and questions from the editors. The research meets all applicable standards for the ethics of experimentation and research integrity. Please carefully review our seven editorial criteria for publication as the criteria employed by PLOS ONE are quite different to other journals you may have reviewed for. If you need more time to perform the review, please email us as soon as possible. If you reviewed the article at another journal, consider the manuscript as a new submission unless instructed otherwise. Keep in mind that it may have been revised since the last time you evaluated it, and PLOS ONE’s criteria for publication may differ from those of the other journal. When you submit your review, let the editor know that you reviewed a previous version of the manuscript at another journal.

Keep your company, employee, and client data safe and secure. Control user permissions and comply with even the most demanding data privacy rules. Or use the Filestage API to build unique processes within your IT set up and to integrate online proofing into your workflows. Filestage makes it simple to fulfill regulatory requirements and maintain high-quality standards by ensuring all digital assets throughout your organization are reviewed in a structured and compliant process. Without a standardized review process the risk of publishing errors and non-compliance increases. Filestage enables you to keep all your proofs in one centralized, customizable platform, and view everything about a file’s progress in one place – no more digging through inboxes to find information.

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When proofing is spread out over different tools and channels, you can’t be sure that every file goes through a consistent process of checks and approvals. Getting colleagues or clients to review different file types via email is stressful and complicated. If you have questions or concerns about the manuscript you are reviewing, or if you need assistance submitting the review, please email us For more tips on peer review go to the Reviewer Center, and sign up to the Peer Review Toolbox. The editors make the final decision on whether to publish each submission based on the reviewers’ comments, the PLOS ONEcriteria for publication, and their own assessment of the manuscript. We often ask the original reviewers to evaluate revised manuscripts and the authors’ response to reviewer comments.

And, they have various needs based on how they make purchasing decisions. Filestage meets all GDPR requirements, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and stores your data on EU servers that are ISO certified.