How To Use Badblocks To Repair Bad Sectors On Linux

They’re long gone, but don’t worry—you can add desktop widgets to Windows 10 using these third-party tools. You can have it do a variety of things and make it look almost however you want.

Who Uses Wevideo?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can pull down the Notification Centre and add installed apps’ widgets to the Today view by tapping Edit. From weather updates to sports scores, these widgets let you quickly check useful information without having to open apps. After those delays, iOS 14 finally brings that home screen renovation to fruition. Apple has introduced home screen widgets in a variety of sizes, given users new ways to manage their apps, and introduced a non-home screen place to put installed apps click here to watch and download.

Among its features is the ability to introduce information to the desktop, such as a clock, live hardware statistics, current and forecast weather, and more. You can basically use Rainmeter to display everything that gadgets do, but with considerable style. Desktop gadgets were useful widgets that could be added to the Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop to improve productivity.

It also includes support for Zooper, Tasker, and other apps. Some of the things you can have it display include system info , time, battery, date, countdowns, traffic info, next alarm, location, and more. It’s fairly powerful, but it’s more work than you’d get with most widgets. It is, to our knowledge, one of the very few custom widget apps still in active development.

  • Many DVD menu templates are offered in this free DVD maker to help you make a DVD menu you really like.
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Various "lost" features can be reinstated thanks to third-party apps. For example, the Aero Glass software brings restores the glass effect in Windows 10.