It is also possible to limit CDD search results to domain models from any given source database by using the Database Search Field. The method by which imported domain models are integrated into the CDD database is described in the CD assembly process section of this help document. SMART is maintained by Chris Ponting, Peer Bork and colleagues, mainly at the EMBL Heidelberg. CDD contains a large fraction of the SMART collection. Pfam Protein families Pfam is a large collection of multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models covering many common protein domains and families. Pfam is maintained by Alex Bateman and colleagues, mainly at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. CDD contains a large fraction of the Pfam collection.

The domains used for architectures may include ancient superfamilies or much more recently evolved protein subfamilies . Each conserved domain architecture can be assigned a unique, functional name based on the composition of the architecture. The names are assigned either manually, through a curation process, or computationally, by an autoname algorithm or a namedbydomain algorithm. CD-Search results can include hit types that represent various confidence levels (specific hits, non-specific hits) and domain model scope (superfamilies, multi-domains). They can be seen in both the Concise display and Full display, except for non-specific hits, which are shown only in the Full Display.

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The Refine Search button on a CD-Search results page allows you to modify your query to search against a different database and/or use advanced search options. This option displays the amino acids (“residues”) in the query sequence. It also highlights the amino acids in the query that are mapped to conserved features/sites, which are denoted by small triangles in the graphical summary.

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  • (As an example, open the CD-Search results for P14780, GI , with filtering turned OFF.) Please keep in mind, however, that compositionally biased regions can cause inaccurate annotation of the query sequence.